Two months ago I eloped and now have multiple close friends about to tie the knot.  As the saying goes I'm at that age! Overwhelmingly I keep hearing an echo in my friends wedding sentiments, we all want to be unique, for our weddings to be special, and to express our relationship in the ceremony.

Importantly many of us also are not exactly thrilled to shell out the $20,000 and up on a wedding. Most of us are very interested in buying houses, saving for the future, traveling and the expensive wedding just is not on the top ten spend list.   We have already been to many weddings and have seen the mistakes of our friends. We have been to the traditional wedding, the non-traditional wedding, the over the top wedding, the tiny wedding, and have all made our own opinions about what it is we want.
Having said all that both my friends and myself learned that a wedding is about a lot more than your wants and desires, your parents, your grandparents, and your friends all have been waiting to celebrate each with their own opinions about the event.

This website is dedicated to my friends.  I spent months figuring out what I wanted and what would make my day special.  Like many things in my life I have fallen in love with planing a dream in my head, so I created this space to share unique, unusual, and special ideas for all those brides out there looking to break out of the cookie cutter wedding!

Photos taken by Emilia Jane
Flowers by Pistil & Vine

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